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Jacob's HistoryEdit

Jacob is a Erudite-born Dauntless. Jacob was loved by his parents, Rachael and Dave Sully. Rachael and Dave were some of the leaders of the Erudite in Los Angeles. When Jacob chose the Dauntless his parents go real disappointed. When he met Caroline Swift, he suddenly became happy. Jacob has a secret crush on Caroline.

His SkillsEdit

Jacob is an average fighter and an average shooter. He finds guns weird and dangerous. So, he, unlike other initiates prefer melee weapons over guns.

Jacob's PersonalityEdit

Jacob is no Caroline. He is distant and kind of hostile. When Jacob gets his mind on something, he never quits. This makes him dangerous to have as an enemy. When Jacob met Caroline, his attitude had slightly changed. He became a little more likeable.


  1. When Jacob was a kid, war among factions were quite common
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