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Jill Flourish

'My path has always been hidden with lies. I choose Candor so I can make sure my children never has this problem!' - Why Jill joined Candor
Jill Flourish is a 17 year old girl in Candor. She was born in the Amity faction but joined Candor after wanting to find the truth in life. She had been going out with Jack Nōtarin for years but after joining different faction broke up. Jill hits her self everyday because of this. She sometimes wishes she never met Jack and so classes him as an enemy even though he really isn't.


Jill (full)

Jill (full appearance)

Jill wears an outfit much like Jack however most of it is white. She has long orange hair that is either straight or has a pleat that comes around just above her ears. Jill wears a white coat that has a long cape all in white with only a little detail in red. The details being ribbon which keeps her gloves in tact with her clothes and crosses. The crosses mark how she now takes almost a perfect religious side to things. She wears a off-white belt that comes around just above her hip and wears a red shirt. She has small white boots that slip on and off again with off-white crosses and knee-high white socks with red crosses and details. She has orange eyes almost the same coloring as her hair. She is more paler than the rest of her friends.

When Jill was in Amity she wore a yellow jumper and red leggings. She had a red and yellow checked shirt underneath. She wore yellow shoes.

Personality and Traits

Jill's evil side

Jill's evil side

Jill is a fun-filled girl but has her doubts at times. She hates lies since all her life has been a bunch of lies She is said to have a evil side where she thinks of ways to harm people if they even lay a finger on her friends and it is true. She often thinks of ways she can get payback from pranks and on Jack for leaving her even though she was going to leave him anyway. She has a habit of blaming a lot of things on Jack and whenever someone lies she stares at them with her eyes and looks like she is about to cry. Jill knows that most of the problem's she has isn't Jacks fault but yet still blames them on him. Jill wishes to see her friends again and Yui's smile. She always keeps her head up high even if she knows there is way things can get better for her or others.


  • Jill Flourish is based off of Asuna form Sword Art Online