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Kira Sakai

'Sis, I will never be dead... Remember what mummy says... Everyone stays in..your..heart...' 'KIRRRRAAAA!' - Kira's finally words
Kira Sakai was Yui Sakai's little sister. Kira died because of an illness but Yui couldn't handle it and forced her spirit into a dragon. Yui realized her spirit after she had found her friends because Kira forced her too.


Kira has dark blue, choppy hair which just touches her shoulders. She has auburn eyes (brown) and always has a smile. She is natural got a tan due to her living in Amity for all her life. She wears a red sailor dress that is close to brown which has white cuffs with lining of black. She wears a black bow tie there is also a black bow tie on the back of her dress to tighten as she is very skinny. Kira also has a hairband made out of black ribbon on which she puts on but doesn't really do anything. Kira wears little red/brown slip-on shoes with black socks. Most people can't see the fact that Yui and Kira is siblings because Kira takes after their father while Yui takes after their mother.

Personality and Traits

Kira is always happy unless it is something to do with Yui. She hates everyone talking about her like she's not there and she hates it when people talk about her and her sister being nothing alike. In fact they are alike in personality since Kira would give her life for her friends and Kira loves helping others. Kira tries to make everything a game however and smiles at most things even if things are bad. Kira, lastly, has a bad habit of starting fights if anyone is bullying her big sister even though it should be the other way around.


  • Kira Sakai is based off of Amane Yuuki from Hanahira!