Murphy's HistoryEdit

Murphy is a Pristine leader. Murphy's childhood is unknown because all of Murphy's relatives are dead. Murphy was a cruel leader and waged war against other factions for 'threatening' the Pristine. Murphy then met Caroline on the battlefield and he grew to love her. As time passed by, Murphy realized that with Jacob in the way, Caroline didn't even see him. So he made a plan. He planned to kidnap Caroline and raze the entire Dauntless initiate compound.

His SkillsEdit

Murphy is really strong and fast. He is great with every weapon, but he prefers to fist fight.

Murphy's PersonalityEdit

Murphy is a cruel, smug, and devious leader. He only cares about himself and others are just tools and weapons to him


  1. Murphy is the main antagonist in Reborn
  2. Murphy was the one who actually killed his relatives
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