Name: Sage Willows

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Race: African American

Age: 21

Height: 5 Foot 10 Inches

Born in: Amity

Sage Willows was a member of Dauntless. Secretly she is Divergent and always tried hiding her secret from Dauntless. She is 99% Divergent though she is 1% lower than Tris.

History (Divergent) Edit

She was born in Amity. She had 2 older siblings and they were tough on her. Sage was happy but hated when her older siblings dared her and called her a scaredy cat due to her fear of heights and the night. She faced her two fears but she still had the fears of death,seeing her family die,what will happen if anybody finds out the she is Divergent. She found this out and when she turned 15 she chose Dauntless. She met Tris and Christina becoming the best of friends. She found out that Tris was Divergent and told her that she was too. They kept their secrets hidden from the city and Dauntless.

History (Insurgent) Edit


Personality Edit

She is a kind and noble person. Sage has a temper but she can calm down pretty easily. She is very brave and always tries to overcome her own fears. She is loyal to Christina and Tris. She will die fighting for them until her very last breath she breathes.

Appearance Edit

She is a African American Woman with Dreadlocks,Brown eyes,Narrow face,and long hair.

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