You're my brother, Divergent or not.

–-Dread to Blaze, Dissident


His Life In DauntlessEdit

Dread wasn't the first jumper, but he ranked first in both Initiations.

Divergent (Dissident)Edit

On Visiting Day, Dread finds Blaze. He'd heard about the first jumper being a Candor-born, redhead with a smart mouth. He'd also heard that his name was Blaze. There was no doubt in his mind that it was his younger brother, Blaine. When he finds Blaze, he tells him he always knew that Blaze was Dauntless. Blaze is worried that he will get in trouble because it is supposed to be "Faction before Blood." Dread simply tells him, they are faction. He later catches him with Eric which causes a freak out but it is resolved after some explaining. Dread does not really trust Eric very much.

On the second stage of training, Dread talks to Blaze about his reaction to being in the Sim. Dread thinks that it's weird and it finally dawns on him. He straight up says to Blaze that he must be Divergent. Blaze does not deny it and he looks worried. Dread looks him in the eye and says, "Who cares about Faction before Blood? You're my brother, Divergent or not."

In celebration of making it through his initiation, Dread takes Blaze to the zipline with Uriah and his older brother Zeke.

Attack on AbnegationEdit

When the simulation is shut down, Dread looks for Blaze. He is nowehere in Abnegation. Dread is confronted by Max when Max overhears him calling for Blaze. Max demands to know if he knew Blaze was Divergent. Dread looks him in the eye and says, "So what if I did?" Max says that he is deemed a traitor to Dauntless and promptly shoots him in the head.

The whole time, Blaze had watched from the monitors at Dauntless HQ.


Dread is laid-back but arrogant. He has a big ego, as he ranked number One in his initiation class. He can often be ruthless, but has a sweet and caring side for his loved ones. He is also very loyal, as you can see up until the very end.


Described by Blaze, Dread is tall and lanky with droopy but happy eyes. His smile is very warm and he often looks tired even when he is not. He is covered in Tattoos and has dark brown hair, most likely dyed.

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