Variant was a Divergent fan-fiction.


Imara Ember was born Abnegation. She lives a simple, selfless life devoted to helping those around her. However, Imara feels as though she is an outcast in her faction. When the time for her aptitude test approaches, she desperately hopes her result will be different; however, in her case the results are inconclusive, labelling her as a Divergent. Imara, heavily thrown off by her results, has to choose for herself. She makes the conscious decision of choosing Dauntless, the faction dedicated to protecting the people.

On the parallel end is Darcie Brenton, born of Erudite faction. Her aptitude test reveals that she is destined to be Dauntless. Despite her results, Darcie fears she is not brave enough to transfer due to the impounding pressure of her controlling mother. However, when she sees a fellow Erudite effortlessly switch to Dauntless, she decides to make the change herself.

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