The biohazard gas mask of terror by lordhayabusa357-d5zinlk

The Warlord

 Warlord Kartok is one of the head Generals of the Dauntless Faction and a commander of the Dauntless/Eritude aliance against Abnegaton. He is an antagonist of Divergent: Retaliation. He wears a gas mask because of some injury on his face in a fire.


After the Abnegaton raid Kartok ordered all the Dauntless traitors to be arrested and killed so there will be no allies for any resistance against the Eritude. he has some henchmen who serve him as helpers.


  • Marice Oral - Henchman
  • Gnarlock - Henchman
  • Krista - Henchwoman
  • Dr. Weather-khan - Allied Eritude transfer/Advisor
  • Jeanine Matthews - Superior Master
  • Chris Veclan - Arch-nemesis
  • Tobias - Nemesis
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